Frequently Asked Questions


Is your product effective against COVID-19?
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested and listed Natroshield Disinfectant as for use against COVID-19 under ARTG 341990.

Where is the product manufactured?
Natroshield Disinfectant is manufactured in Tropical North Queensland, Australia where the rainforest meets the reef, then dispensed in Singapore.

What is your disinfectant made from?
An environmentally conscious product, Natroshield Disinfectant is based on harnessing a select combination of natural plant extracts and organic acids.

Does your disinfectant have a best before period?
Each of our Natroshield products have a 2-year use-by period with the date listed on each bottle.

Are gloves or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed to use this product?
No, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals, neither gloves nor PPE are required when disinfecting with Natroshield.

Is Natroshield approved for use in Commercial premises?
Yes, our disinfectant’s rigorous testing and certifications make Natroshield the idea product for use in Retail Centres, Office Buildings, Accommodation, Education and Health Facilities.

Can Natroshield be used in restaurants and cafés?
Yes, all ingredients are made from approved food products and are GRAS-listed. This makes Natroshield Disinfectant ideal and safe for use on food preparation surfaces, in food processing industries and hospitality venues.

Does your product contain Quats?
No, Natroshield comes from nature to you, it does not contain chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), alcohol nor peroxide. 

Does your product kill all germs?
Yes, Natroshield kills 99.999% of microorganisms P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, E. coli, S. choleraesuis (Salmonella), P. vulgaris, L. monocytogenes (Listeria), and C. albicans.

Can this disinfectant be used around children, the elderly, and the sick?
Yes, Natroshield is an ideal disinfectant to be used around children, the elderly, and the sick. Our no-rinse formula is safe for sensitive skin as it has been made using only botanical active ingredients, contains no alcohol, and is not toxic. 

Is Natroshield safe for pregnant women to use?
Yes, with its alcohol free, non-toxic and plant derived formulas, Natroshield is safe for use by pregnant women.

What surfaces can it be used on?
Natroshield Disinfectant is safe to use on soft and hard surfaces including food preparation areas and frequently-touched surfaces that need to be disinfected regularly items such as door handles, light switches, touchpads, keyboards, table-tops, chairs, taps and benchtops through to floors and furniture.

Will it leave marks on surfaces?
No, Natroshield Disinfectant will not leave any marks on surfaces, will not bleach fabric, or corrode metal, and dries within 10 minutes. Any surface that can be wet and wiped down or let dry, will be disinfected, including porous surfaces such gym mats.

Can you use this product to disinfect COVID-19 face masks?
Yes, as Natroshield Disinfectant is safe for use on all surfaces, you can further protect yourself from COVID-19 by spraying it on face masks before and after wear.

Are the bottles reusable?
Yes, Natroshield Disinfectant bottles can be re-filled with correctly dispensed RTU Natroshield disinfectant. 15 litre bulk dispenser packs of RTU (ready to use) disinfectant will be available later in 2022.

Do I need to add anything to activate the product?
Natroshield Disinfectant comes RTU (ready to use), it does not require dilution.

What’s the best way to maximise the effect of the disinfectant? 
Apply Natroshield according to the instructions. Allow 10 minutes for general disinfection or 15 minutes for COVID-19 disinfection. Natroshield does not need to be rinsed off.

What are the storage conditions needed for the product? 
Natroshield Disinfectant requires storage out of direct sunlight and heat.

Is your product safe to use around pets?
Yes, Our products are never tested on animals and Natroshield Disinfectant  uses a non-toxic compound that is pet-safe. 

What are the lead times on orders?
Once an order is placed for delivery in Singapore, you will receive your Natroshield disinfectant within one to two business days.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing large quantities?
Yes, for bulk purchases, we are keen to offer discounts to benefit as many people as possible. Please contact us at with your enquiry and one of our friendly team will be in contact.