Natroshield leads the way in safely cleaning up flood affected communities

Natroshield leads the way in safely cleaning up flood affected communities

May 2021

An Australian family business founded in a regional city in the far, tropical north of the country has tackled a recurring problem after natural disasters in an innovative way.

Inspired by mother nature, Natroshield literally took the nation by storm, producing a hospital grade disinfectant formulated with plant extracts and organic acids.

The resulting product kills the COVID-19 virus, eliminates 99.99% of micro-organisms, and controls mould and mildew.

The product was strong enough, and yet safe for people, animals, and the planet, to be used in the homes and streets after cyclones, flooding, and storms.

Over the past several years Natroshield has donated thousands of litres of the disinfectant cleaner to regional Australian communities and towns impacted by disastrous flooding and dangerous weather events – even handing it out to residents to use in their homes.

Company Director, John Postle, said the results of Natroshield’s use were compelling and the company is growing as fast as it can by now selling online through major retail sites, as well as in stores.

We have undergone many clinical trials and tests of its quality and effectiveness, and over time we have liaised with a range of corporate clients, local Councils, charities and community clean-up organisations to provide Natroshield for use as a disinfectant – it’s exceeded every expectation we have,” Mr Postle said.

“Natroshield is fully certified, eco-friendly and environmentally responsible and suitable for use in high- risk areas, including schools and childcare centres, public spaces, shopping centres, entertainment venues, businesses, aged care facilities, factories, food processing plants and public transport,” he said.

Natroshield can be easily applied anywhere it’s needed and will not bleach fabric, containing only botanical, active ingredients.

Mr. Postle said the product is now seeing new demand from clients overseas, who are seeking a plant- derived solution for optimal safety that is proven to be effective.

“We’re fielding enquiries from buyers in Asia-Pacific countries, and we can certainly see the opportunities to extend our reach to major global markets, in a new world where disinfectant use has become an everyday necessity,” he said.

Natroshield is exploring increasing its production to fulfil sales throughout Australia, and then look to New Zealand, Singapore and possibly the USA and Europe within the next two years.

“Natroshield has always been a success story, a quiet but reliable achiever; and now the whole world is interested in how we can clean up the world without creating chemical hazards,” Mr. Postle said.

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About Natroshield:

Natroshield is a family owned, locally founded business in north Queensland, manufacturing a hospital grade hard surface disinfectant based on plant extracts. Using only botanical active ingredients, Natroshield Disinfectant does not contain chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats), alcohol or peroxide – no harsh chemicals so it is safe for people and our planet.