Innovating Against COVID-19

Innovating Against COVID-19

July 2021

Founder of Springmount Technology, Martin Stack was interviewed by prominent investment publication “The Edge Singapore”. He shared how the immediate realignment of commercial cleaning solutions offered surety under the threat of an invisible enemy named COVID-19. Martin explained Springmount Service’s strategy of under new protocols, activating effective human, and automated solutions at the onset of the pandemic. This ensured that 100,000’s of people were able to shop safely at one of the world’s most iconic retail complexes, Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.

Using innovative cleaning solutions like robotic scrubbers and embracing technology, Springmount Services delivered the maximum level deep-cleaning services and management of high-risk areas. This proved crucial in assuring the safety of their clients, customers, and their hard-working teams.

Martin Stack image

Pictured: Martin Stack, Founder of Springmount Technology

Source: The Edge Singapore